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530,00 zł per pcs.

Wall-mounted system

This solution allows you to easily and simply install the guide and the door leaf without interfering with the existing walls. The door leaf moves along the wall on the guide mounted above the door opening or to the lintel. The system includes: aluminum rail 200 cm long, sliding carriages, mounting elements and a masking rod (curtain rod). Possibility of making a single wall-mounted sliding system with a 150 cm long curtain rod.

Leaf description: sliding in the form of a non-ribbed PVC door handle installed in the color of the leaf.

For an additional fee:

  • Finish foil,
  • CPL laminate, V-Platinium,
  • round steel handrail 1 set,
  • oval steel handrail 1 set,
  • hook lock,
  • soft-closing
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