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The top-mounted external roller shutter is a variant with a revision from the inside, a variant with a revision from the outside, as well as a box prepared for the installation of a facade blind. In addition, thanks to specially designed guides, it is possible to conveniently attach a package of facade blinds with a slat width of up to 90 mm. The SN5000 is optionally available with a mosquito net, which is a practical solution that protects the room against insects and dirt. Thanks to this, the top-mounted roller shutter is a guarantee of comfort of use. SN5000 will be used both on the Polish and foreign markets thanks to its unique capabilities and the number of available variants.

SN5000 for facade blinds addressed to customers with the most modern house designs. Preservation of thermal parameters with modern design and blinds hidden in the wall. All this thanks to the possibility of building the box on both sides and slim two-part guides

SN5000 with an internal revision dedicated to solutions where a top-mounted roller shutter made of plastic is provided. With the standard form of the roller shutter installation, we obtain better thermal parameters. Roller shutter processing possible from the inside and outside. Visible inspection hatch from the side of the apartment.

SN5000 with external revision for customers expecting the best thermal parameters. Full enclosure of the box is possible. Access to the roller shutter through an external revision from the bottom of the box guarantees quiet operation of the roller shutter, high comfort of use and high aesthetic values.

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