Terrace windows

HST and PSK sliding doors are the most modern terrace solution. HST and PSK systems have an impact on the comfort that can appear in your dream home. Instead of hinged doors, sliding doors can be used, which do not take up space for opening sashes inside the house, but move in one line along the window and create an elegant design. PSK tilt and slide doors have the option of tilting and sliding the sash along the rail, which is mounted at the bottom of the window on the inside of the frame. Operation of the PSK door is very simple and does not require much effort. The HST lift and slide door has an active leaf and a passive leaf. The active leaf lifts and moves along the fixed leaf. The advantage of this system is the rail hidden in the floor, on which the sash is moved. Very nice appearance, no threshold and gentle use mean that, despite the higher price, sliding doors are more often chosen by customers. Thanks to such applications, we gain a lot of space and comfort of use. For customers who want to use every space, the company can also offer corner passages for the sliding system.

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