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260,00 zł per pcs.

Perfectherm windows meet the requirements of passive joinery.

Perfectherm windows

Windows of the highest standard in terms of diligence and workmanship. Modern and classic, available in two leaf shapes for the most demanding people. We get a larger surface of the glass thanks to the low rebate, which means that more light enters our house. The system of 3 seals used in the sash and frame makes it possible to enjoy perfectly quiet and warm windows. Reliability and long-term durability of the profiles is guaranteed by the highest quality steel, and security is ensured by anti-burglary catches and packages with safety glass. The windows are perfect for passive and energy-saving houses, because they meet all the requirements for housing construction.

Perfectherm profile specification

* class A profiles with a depth of 80mm
* glazing unit 48mm
* Maco locking fittings in the highest anti-corrosion class
* micro ventilation
* four core colors to choose from
* heat transfer coefficient Uw = 0.78Wm2K
* 10-year warranty

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