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Veka Soft 82

Veka soft 82 windows


82 Softline Veka window model is an excellent proposition of durable windows addressed to demanding customers.

It is a modern, very aesthetic and energy-saving system with a rich design. It is used in the most sophisticated style of construction. With great care, the seven-chamber structure of the Veka Soft 82 profile, designed in class A, allows you to achieve excellent thermal insulation parameters, thus meeting the expectations of every investor.

Profile parameters:

- frame and sash installation depth 82mm
- 7-chamber frame
- reinforcement of the profile through the use of steel enclosed in a frame, walls 3mm thick
- profile sealing in the MD system
- shapes of glazing beads matched to the thickness of the glazing unit
- V perfect seal


- energy-saving glazing unit 4/18/4/18/4, Ug=0.5
- warm plastic frame available in many colors
- packet spaces filled with argon
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